DERMABON - Simple and Effective Psoriasis Treatment in the form of a Bar of Soap.


DERMABON is NOT a corticosteroid and contains NO CORTISONE.


It provides a natural way to fight the buildup of Psoriasis lesions, therefore it is safe to use by people of all ages (including infants).

Safe for babies, children and pregnant women.

DERMABON works by cleansing away old and dry skin layers, allowing younger and healthier skin to aide in the recovery process.


As it removes dead skin, DERMABON eliminates the psoriatic plaque that builds up and causes the raised patchiness of Psoriasis.

As it removes unhealthy skin, it also moisturizes to gradually soften the psoriatic lesions. With continuous use, many patients see significant improvement within 3 weeks and even complete recovery within three months!


DERMABON® Was clinically tested among patients with severe and mild Psoriasis and the results were outstanding! 93% of the patients reported significant improvement and many experienced a complete recovery after three months or less using the treatment. 

After years of researching elements and substances of organic and inorganic origin to control and relieve Psoriasis, we successfully obtained a formula that works!

DERMABON is produced in small batches and is manually crafted from the highest quality natural ingredients. It does not contain cortisone.

Using DERMABON is easy:

Dermatologist Psoriasis diagnosis is required and very important for the use of DERMABON.

1. Generously apply DERMABON on all areas affected by Psoriasis.

2. Let the foam soak and penetrate the affected area for at least 3 minutes.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. 

4. Repeat these steps two times daily until the lesions have completely disappeared.

For dandruff and seborrhea, wash your scalp twice a day with DERMABON.

Most people see results after the third week of continuous use. Even after initial results are achieved, we recommend continuous use of the product. People who have achieved successful results and have decided to stop the treatment have had their lesions reappear. 

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Important Facts About DERMABON:

1. DERMABON is not a chemical treatment, therefore it is safer to use than any other treatment in the market.

DERMABON is a topical treatment, it works from the outside in. It does not require the use of harmful pills or injections that can cause negative side-effects.

Our treatment does not introduce harmful chemicals into your body. We do not use cortisone, corticosteroids, or immunosuppressant ingredients contained in most chemical treatments. Other treatment methods, often referred to as biological and systemic treatments, may temporarily control the Psoriasis symptoms, but in the long run they may cause severe damage to other internal organs such as your heart, liver, lungs, eyes, thyroid gland, and more.

DERMABON has no side-effects

With constant and consistent use, DERMABON delivers fast results.

With constant and consistent Use, DERMABON delivers fast results.

DERMABON naturally eliminates one layer of skin at a time with its daily use. You can start seeing improvement within a few days.

2. DERMABON is the Easiest Topical Treatment to Use.

A few years ago, DERMABON was a cream. Yes, it was still an effective treatment to control the symptoms of Psoriasis, but we received consistent feedback and input from users complaining about the fact that it was uncomfortable to apply and it took too long to absorb into the skin.

With this in mind, we developed a way to transform our already successful cream into a completely new product that would be easier to use, and in the process, we had a major breakthrough.

As we attempted to condense all the ingredients, we noticed that at different temperatures the ingredients behaved “differently” than expected and different molecules were created. This is the reason why many have tried to copy our product but failed. The sensitivity in the temperatures and the order in which we add the ingredients affects the finished product and actually creates a completely new molecule that enhances the performance of the final product!

  • The absorption rate of the active ingredients is five times better than creams, lotions and ointments.
  • The application is much friendlier since it is incorporated into your daily bathing routine.
  • The time of application is three times shorter than creams, lotions and ointments that can take up to an hour to absorb.
  • And best of all, the results for our customers improved! Not only did customers report faster recovery times, but the success rate of users increased to practically every person that tried it.

3. DERMABON Can Be Introduced Worldwide Thanks to its FDA Registry.

DERMABON is produced in Mexico, and since 2009 it has been exported to almost every country in the world.

FDA Approved!

In order to get approval for exporting our products outside of Mexico, DERMABON had to first pass the toughest tests in the world and demonstrate the highest quality standards to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA is considered to be the most strict authority in the world when approving a human care product.

After months of qualification and testing, we proved DERMABON is not only effective, but safe! The DERMABON FDA Number is DUNS:58-889-5946.

4. DERMABON Takes Pride in the Use of the Highest Quality Raw Materials and the Implementation of Clean Processes. 

DERMABON is Kosher Certified. We are proud to say that our production is monitored by a Rabbi, who specializes in human care products.

DERMABON is Kosher Certified













We are proud to say that our production is monitored by a Rabbi who specializes in human care products.The International Quality certificate KOSHER has special significance for the Jewish community, but also holds high prestige outside of the Jewish community because it is recognized as the highest production standards around the globe. We are proud to have this certificate. Protocol 126721210.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Psoriasis? 

    It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by the emergence of red peeling injuries; mainly on elbows, knees and scalp. It can also to affect nails and body joints. It is not contagious nor hereditary. Even though genetic predisposition exists on people who suffer the disease, there are other triggering factors. It is triggered by a dysfunction in the immune system and can appear in any part of the body. It manifests as skin outbreaks with recovery, remission and deterioration periods, but the disease develops in a different way on each patient. Sometimes, for life. Even though  this disease is not life threatening, according to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology “La Academia Española de Dermatología y Venereología (AEDV)”, Psoriasis can have a strong physical andemotional impact on the patient, and it can affect intimacy, and work relations. It can diminish the quality of life of the patient, and it can it can cause arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  2. Is DERMABON a soap? NO, DERMABON is a mix of several moisturizers and skin conditioners. The active ingredient is Coal Tar, which gives it its dark color. Its “soap-like” form makes DERMABON easier to use, and allows its absorption rate in the skin to be higher and faster. So, even though it looks like soap, it should not be used as a substitute for body soap. 
  3. Will I be cured of Psoriasis by using DERMABON? Psoriasis is a genetic disease, meaning it is not curable. Using DERMABON you can “control” up to 100% of your psoriatic symptoms including the reduction of red and raised lesions, but you are never technically cured. After fully controlling your lesions, we recommend the continued use of DERMABON to avoid the formation of new psoriatic plaques.
  4. Is DERMABON the right treatment for me? DERMABON works for most types of Psoriasis, excluding nail Psoriasis and inverse Psoriasis. The application of DERMABON is topical (applied to the outside of your body), meaning you eliminate the need for injections, pills, or uncomfortable creams. This treatment can be used by people of all ages.
  5. Is Coal Tar Dangerous? Yes, Coal Tar is a controlled product that has to be used with great caution. If used in large amounts, Coal Tar can produce cancer, this is why the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has established the hardest standards before they approve public use of products containing Coal Tar. The maximum amount of coal tar allowed in human used products is 5%, and DERMABON has only 3.1% Coal Tar concentration and is FDA Approved! So, it is completely safe to use on healthy skin and on children’s skin.
  6. Are there any side-effects? No side effects have been observed in the use of DERMABON. Some users can find the odor to be strong.


Meet the creator:

How was DERMABON born?
(From Jose Maria Licona, Founder). I’m a mining engineer who has suffered this disease (Psoriasis) for more than 45 years, and I have visited all types of specialists (Allopaths, Homeopaths, Naturists, etc.).

I have tried many types of drugs, both ingested and topical, with poor results. If results were obtained, usually 3 months later I would have a relapse, and most of the time the relapses were more aggressive than before starting the initial treatments.

For this reason, I have been studying and researching various elements with organic and inorganic origins looking for a true alternative treatment for Psoriasis control.  The research led to finding the formula for an effective solution for Psoriasis control, and resulted in the production of a daily use soap-like treatment, DERMABON.

I have been using it since 2005 daily, and I haven’t had any relapse of my disease, something that no other product or medicine in the market has ever given me.


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